Why Drive A Honda Hybrid?

Charge Into Exhilaration: Honda Hybrid Cars

Thinking of buying a Honda hybrid car or SUV as your next vehicle? After all, there’s plenty to love about taking fewer trips to the gas station while also commanding a ride loaded with exhilaration and fun for virtually every mile. Plus, with your choice between a bold sedan or a smooth compact SUV, it’s easy to find a model for nearly any driving style. Ready to see how a hybrid vehicle can upgrade the way you commute, road trip, or generally cruise? Head to Upper Valley Honda and test drive your favorite Honda hybrid models.

Best Of All Worlds: Efficiency Without Relying On Charges

When you command a Honda hybrid model, you’re combining the best perks of gas and electric models with virtually no downsides. For example, the Honda Accord Hybrid lets you drive with up to EPA-estimated 48 city mpg, helping refuels feel like a rarity when you cruise around Nederland or take a road trip to the other side of the state. However, no need to panic if your electric motor runs low on power, as regenerative braking helps keep your battery charged, leaving no need to find/rely on a charging station.

Who says hybrids can’t have a sporty side? Since electric motors offer instant torque at 0 rpm, you’ll get extra help in basking in exhilarating blast-offs with athletic finesse—but unlike many full EVs, you won’t need to worry about draining your battery since your power source gradually recharges as you drive.

A Ride For Any Style: Pick Your Honda Hybrid

When you choose a Honda Hybrid vehicle, you’ll get your choice between two of the road’s most refined and practical vehicles. So, want a contemporary sedan loaded with punchy power and a sleek design? Take command of the Honda Accord Hybrid, where you’ll cruise around in a stylish car that’s also centered around your needs.

Is a city-geared compact SUV more your pace? The Honda CR-V Hybrid also packs a fun drive with a modern exterior design and plenty of pampering inside. Plus, with available Real Time AWD™, you’ll get extra help in keeping your rides going year-round and across the country, whether you’re cruising out-of-state on a snowy road or taking a slick back road—the extra grip helps ensure you won’t need to put a pause on any adventure.

A Hybrid Of Excellence And Exhilaration:

Ready to hit the roads in a vehicle that blends efficiency with fun and comfort? Stop by Upper Valley Honda and test drive your favorite Honda hybrid vehicle. Our team is also happy to help in any way possible as your local Honda dealership, so feel free to ask any questions that pop up or for help finding a certain trim in your favorite color—it’s only the beginning of how we put you first.

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